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Ice Maker : Fast and Easy Ice Production!


  • Ice maker is very suitable for use at home, especially for families who have a hobby of making cold drinks or frozen food, like ice cream. By using an ice maker, You no longer need to bother buying ice in bulk, or making ice manually which takes time and effort.
  • Youpin CONAIR Ice Makers Machine Mini Automatic Household 2L 6 minutes Fast Ice Making For Home Bar Coffee from
  • 6 minutes of rapid ice making, bullets round ice, rapid cooling
  • 9 round ice can be made at one time, the size can be adjusted
  • Infrared technology induction, water shortage or ice storage room will automatically stop when filled
  • Fast cooling with pure copper nickel plating, corrosion resistance
  • Metal fan cover is durable
  • Simple operation panel, smart button operation, one-button boot
  • Add water manually, up to 2L water
  • Ice storage capacity: 60
  • Rated power: 105W
  • Ice shape: round ice
  • Ice size: 6 – 32mm
  • Working voltage: 220 – 240V / 50Hz Ice Production: 15 L / 15 Kg per 24 hours