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Taman Jurug Song Lyrics – Didi Kempot, Complete with meaning

Sonora.ID – Listen song lyrics “Jurassic Park” and its meaning popularized by The Godfather of Broken Heart aka Didi Kempot.

Recently, the song was also sung by several local Indonesian singers such as Shinta Arsinta and also Sasya Arkhisna.

Through cover by various musicians, with “Jurassic Park” popular again, especially on social media.

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Here are the song lyrics “Jurassic Park” and the meaning of Didi Kempot.

In Kutho Solo, old and young
Nyang Taman Jurug on the banks of Bengawan Solo
Young and mature, day and night
Do suko-suko, but don't make promises

The light of the moon, attack the top of the fir tree
A lot of teapots, lost in love
Bengawan River, moonlight shine
Like a thousand candles, it evokes memories

Want to know where, it's just a joke
In Taman Jurug, Kutho Solo beautiful park
Creation Board, young and old
The parents are not aware of it until today

Song Lyrics Meaning “Jurassic Park”

By Kota Solo, old and young
in Jurassic Park, on the outskirts of the Bengawan Solo river
Young men and women, day and night
All rejoice, but don't make promises

Moonlight, hit the top of a fir tree
Many came, seems to carry the rhythm of loyalty
River water, emits moonlight
Like a thousand lights, shine evokes memories

What do you want, Everything is available
In Jurassic Park, Solo beautiful park
Recreation areas, young men and women
The old reminds, don't get left behind


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