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Long Weekend Idul Adha, KAI Operates the Mutiara Timur Train

Long Weekend Idul Adha, KAI Operates the Mutiara Timur Train
Register your email to Subscribe to news delivered directly to your mailbox – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) re-operating the Mutiara Timur train connecting Surabaya Pasarturi-Ketapang (round-trip) anticipating a surge in passengers in the moment long weekend Eid al-Adha.

The Mutiara Timur train connecting Ketapang-Pasar Turi departs on 15-18 June 2024, while the Surabaya Pasar Turi-Ketapang relationship is on 16-19 June 2024.

"The Mutiara Timur train is operating again to anticipate high customer interest during the Eid al-Adha holiday, including customers who want to continue their journey to Bali Island by train to Ketapang, Line. Banyuwangi,"said VP Public Relations KAI Joni Martinus in an official statement quoted by, Saturday (15/6/2024).

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It was stated that the Mutiara Timur train would operate in a series 2 executive class trains and 5 modified version of the new generation economy class train, with a total capacity of 465 seat.

Based on monitoring on Saturday, 15 June 2024, KAI records the total number of train tickets sold on 13-18 June 2024 as much 810.579 ticket or 87,8 percent of the total number of train tickets sold 923.503 ticket.

Ticket sales figures will continue to move as time goes by long weekend.

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Joni said, For people who don't have train tickets and will be traveling during the long Eid al-Adha holiday period, they can immediately buy tickets.

"KAI hopes that people who have planned to travel during the long weekend period of the Eid al-Adha holiday and do not yet have tickets can immediately buy them either through the Access by KAI application., website, or other channels that collaborate with KAI,said Joni.

For people who have run out of the tickets they want, You can choose alternative dates and routes or take advantage of the Connecting Train feature in the Access by KAI application.

This feature will help provide travel options by combining connecting train schedules.

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For your information, So far, people's favorite route during the long weekend period is Jakarta-Surabaya (round-trip), Jakarta-Solo (round-trip), Jakarta-Malang (round-trip), Yogyakarta-Banyuwangi (round-trip), Blitar-Bandung (round-trip), and other relations.

Joni said, during period long weekend Usually there is an increase in the frequency of trains and motorized vehicles, So the public is advised to always be alert when crossing level crossings.

"KAI urges the public to be careful when crossing a highway crossing with a railway line. Make sure the route you are going to take is safe, look left and right, and obey existing signs,"concluded Joni.

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