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Banyuwangi People's Union Demonstration Rejects Proposal for Village Head Position 9 Year

Dozens of Residents Conducting a Demonstration at the Tapanrejo Village Office Yard, Muncar District, Concerning the Rejection of the Proposed Term of Office for the Village Head to Become 9 Year, Thursday (26/01). Jaenudin/Banyuwangi

WATER HITS.EN – The proposal to extend the tenure of the Village Head has drawn protests from the people of Banyuwangi. Dozens of residents who are members of the Banyuwangi People's Union (SRB) held a demonstration at the Tapanrejo Village Office Yard, Muncar District, regarding the rejection of the proposed term of office for the Village Head to become 9 year, Wednesday (25/01/23).

Previously, demonstrations over the proposed term of office of the Village Head became 9 year, was voiced by the Village Heads in front of the DPR RI office a few days ago. Demand Village Law No 6 Year 2014 chapter 39 Sentence 1 About tenure, to be revised from 6 Years of being 9 Year.

The SRB demonstration was coordinated by Supono, they came to the courtyard of the Tapanrejo Village Hall with posters against the proposal. According to him, the statement by village heads throughout Indonesia was not a request from the people, but the Village Head's personal wish.

"That's their personal wish, not the people's request,” said Supono in his statement.

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