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Deputy Regent Sugirah Attends the 2023 Scout Day Commemoration Ceremony…

SURABAYA – The 62nd year of Scouting Day was solemnly commemorated by the Regional Kwartir of the East Java Scout Movement in the courtyard of the Grahadi Building, Surabaya on Monday (14/8/2023). Deputy Regent of Banyuwangi Sugirah, as the Chairman of the Kwartir Branch of the Banyuwangi Scout Movement was present at the event.

Take a theme “Professional and Proportionate Human Resources,” This commemoration was also enlivened by hundreds of scouts, enforcer, and pandega from the front cluster of Surabaya City.

Act as an apple builder, Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, as the Regional Advisory Council of the East Java Scout Movement.

In his message, Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa expressed his appreciation for the Scout Movement which has given extraordinary dedication to the Indonesian people. He reviewed the history of the Scout Movement, which has developed since the Dutch era to the present.

“One of the historic milestones is 9 March 1961, when President Soekarno united all Indonesian scouting organizations to become the Scout Movement,” he said.

Khofifah stressed, in a digital era full of disruption, Scouts have an important role as guardians and fillers of the spirit of love for the motherland.

Chairman of the Regional Quarter of the East Java Scout Movement, Arum Sabil, in his report expressed pride in the presence of all members of the East Java Scout Movement Regional Advisory Council.

“This apple is the highlight of the 62nd Scout Day commemoration. Today, Scout members from all over East Java simultaneously wear Scout uniforms for a day,” he said.

Meanwhile, after attending the apple, Deputy Regent of Banyuwangi, Sugirah gave a message to the ranks of the Scout Movement in Banyuwangi to always maintain unity and oneness.

“The 62nd Scout Day commemoration does not only celebrate the history and achievements of the Scout Movement, but also reminds of the importance of caring for the association,” he said.

It adds, The Scout Movement in Banyuwangi is committed to continuing to play a role in shaping the younger generation who love and care for Indonesia. (*)