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Evidence of Dozens of Criminal Cases in Banyuwangi Destroyed

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Destruction of evidence (BB) carried out by the Banyuwangi Prosecutor's Office. (Special).

NARASINEWS.ID – State Attorney (Prosecutor) Banyuwangi Regency destroys evidence from 33 cases of various criminal acts in Banyuwangi Regency. The process was carried out in the courtyard of the Banyuwangi Prosecutor's Office.

“The evidence that we destroy has permanent legal force (Inkrah),"said Kajari Banyuwangi, Mohammad Rawi through the Head of Evidence (BB), M Bimo P I'm sorry, Thursday (10/2/2022).

Bimo said, The BB that was destroyed was from more cases that have had permanent legal force for 2018 2021.

As for the details, from 33 the matter exists 8 methamphetamine case with as much evidence 37,56 gram, a marijuana-type narcotic with as much BB 3,95, and ecstasy as much 3,06 gram.

“The most things, namely trihexyphenidyl type drugs. The amount is as much 13 matter. With evidence in the form of 10.124 item. As well as dextro two things. With as much evidence as 462 item,he explained.

Not only that, general criminal case (Pidum) also destroyed. Like asusila with junlah four things, gambling with billiard table evidence, sling bag, wooden chair and Grendel.

"BB is destroyed by burning it until it is crushed using a blender,he concluded.

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