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How to use a computer keyboard on an Android phone

Keyboard dan Smartphone

Recently, the use of Android has become a mainstay everywhere. From just playing games to important work.

Although Android has not been able to replace the function of a notebook or PC as a whole, its practical nature that can be carried anywhere and used anywhere is of special interest..

Nah, for those of you who like to type long documents, it will be much more comfortable to use a physical keyboard than the virtual version for sure.

As we will discuss this time, namely how to use a computer keyboard on an Android phone. This latest sophistication comes and is welcomed positively for Android users who like to type and have the hassle of carrying a PC everywhere.

But there is a note that not all cellphones can use this tutorial. Curious? Just take a look at the reviews below.

Previously, there are some equipment needed such as:

  1. Android devices that support USB OTG
  2. Keyboard
  3. USB OTG cable (On the Go)
  4. USB to PS/2 converter if using PS/2 . type keyboard and mouse
  5. Mouse
  6. USB Hub if using a USB type keyboard and Mouse

For the first one, connect the Keyboard or Mouse to Android. Here, we need a USB OTG cable or On The Go. Just just pair it up, the connection will run immediately and can be directly used to type documents, internet, sms or anything else that requires text input.

The second is to connect a PS/2 type keyboard plus mouse to an Android phone. PS/2 here is a kind of connector huh, not play station 2. if you have a desktop or PC at home, then the keyboard and mouse used generally have PS/2 connectors that have a shape like a circle.

To connect to an Android phone not only requires a USB OTG cable, but we also need a USB to PS/2 . cable. It's very easy, just connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB to PS/2 cable then connect to the USB OTG cable and plug it into our Android device.

Keyboard and Smartphone connected via USB OTG cable

For the third one, especially for those of you who don't have a keyboard or mouse with a USB type connector and not a PS/2 then you can connect both at the same time and only need a tool called a USB Hub.

The function of this USB Hub is to branch out the female USB port. Just plug the Mouse plus USB Keyboard into the USB Hub then connect it to the USB OTG cable and plug it into your Android phone.

Those are some ways to use a computer keyboard on an Android phone. There are many ways and options.

Adjust to the capacity of your cellphone and use a good quality cable. However, using a USB Hub has a drawback, namely when used on certain cellphones or tablets sometimes it doesn't have the function it should.

For example, suddenly it can't be used, can the mouse or both. This is due to the poor quality of the USB Hub.

The second is the influence of a cellphone or tablet that is not strong enough to use the keyboard and mouse together or maybe it's because the cellphone software doesn't support it..

For those of you who want to be more practical, you can also use the wireless version of the mouse and keyboard. This method is more widely used because it can be used anywhere and anytime without the hassle of carrying a lot of cables. Hope it is useful.