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Up in arms, boy 4 Year in Banyuwangi Circumcised Astral Creatures

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BANYUWANGI – Residents of the Horobokan Neighborhood, Village of Mandar, District / District Banyuwangi, shocked by the condition of Muhammad Aidan Hisham (4) who is said to have been circumcised by an asral being.

Because, the genitals of the first son of husband and wife pair Joni Albasah and Husnul Khotimah suddenly peeled off as if they had been circumcised.

Joni Albahsya's reaction to hearing his son's innocent story admitted that he was surprised and had cried when he saw his son M Aidansyam Pratama's genitals had changed like a boy who had been circumcised.

“Initially my child was playing at a relative's house in Karangrejo Village. My child suddenly started crying, I checked why I don't want to hold his cock. How awkward? After I finally persuaded him to open his pants,said Joni telling his experience, Wednesday (18/4/2018).

It turns out, Joni said, After examining his son's genitals, at first glance, the ends were cut and the ends were open. suddenly, This condition makes the family and neighbors noisy.

"I ask, why is it like this? He replied that the 'circumcised' grandfather wore a cap by using a white shirt that he called Akung,He said.

Husnul Hotima, the mother of course also feels worried about the condition experienced by her child. Because, This is the first time this has happened in the area. Even though I was scared, M's parents. Aidansyam Pratama admitted that he could only surrender.

"Believe it, don't believe it. I'm worried, I hope there will be no more incidents like this in other places and happen to other people,He said.

Nevertheless, This incident has not received medical evidence. So that, the truth of the events experienced by Muhamad Aidansyam Pratama is not yet known.

Although, similar cases have been found several times in Banyuwangi. Several similar cases also occurred in several areas. But the most important thing is that only belief in God Almighty makes one's faith stronger to be more sure that the power of the Almighty Creator is very unlimited. While his people are just trying to live the drama of their lives.

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