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The mother in Bangorejo District was shocked, Seeing His Lifeless Child in a Hanging Position

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The Head of Bangorejo Police with the Medical Team when Observing the TKP of the Victim of Hanging Himself in the Sambirejo Village Area, Bangorejo District, Sunday (20/11). Jaenudin/

BANYUWANGIHITS.ID – The Bangorejo Police Chief together with members and the medical team came to a resident who died by hanging himself.

The location for checking the crime scene for the hanging victim is in the Sambirejo Village area, Bangorejo Banyuwangi District on Sunday (20/11/2022).

Bangorejo Police Chief AKP Mujiono said, after there were reports of people who had died by hanging themselves, they immediately rushed to the scene.

“The crime scene is behind the house, in the parking lot of the victim's motorbike in Dusun Pasembon, Sambirejo Village,explained the Head of Bangorejo Police.

“The victim's name is QRAS (25). O'clock 02:00 WIB the victim was found dead in a state of hanging himself,” he said.