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Indonesia Mourns in Presidential Election 2024, Chairman of KPPS in Banyuwangi Dies during Vote Counting

Indonesia Mourns in Presidential Election 2024, Chairman of KPPS in Banyuwangi Dies during Vote Counting
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Bayuwangi, – In the middle of the presidential election 2024, Indonesia is in mourning. Because, The chairman of the KPPS in Bayuwangi died while counting the ballot papers.

This news also emerged in the mass media and on social media, on Wednesday (14/2/2024).

To find out, A KPPS leader who died was named Dul Hanan (50), he reportedly died on Wednesday afternoon.

Dul Hanan felt pain while carrying out his duties at the polling station (TPS) 18 Dusun Pasinan Timur, Singojuruh Village/District.

even, was rushed to hospital, he later died.

In this case too, Member of PPS Singojuruh Village, Abdul Konik said, first hit 16.00 WIB, TPS officers carry out the process of counting the ballot papers for the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Finish counting the ballots, Dul Hanan then complained of dizziness and shortness of breath. He asked to be taken to the nearest health center for examination.

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