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Unmanned Ship Found Stranded in Alas Purwo Banyuwangi

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BANYUWANGI, – A boat motorcycle named Gunung Baru 1 found stranded on the coast of Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP) Banyuwangi, East Java.

Boat it was found at Parang Ireng Beach Resort Pancur SPTN 1 TNAP is in Kutorejo Hamlet, Desa Kalipait, Tegaldlimo . District.

The red and white ship with hull number GT15No795/IaZ005Ga6034/N was found unmanned.

When found, long ship 15 meters and width 7 the meter was in a broken condition at the top.

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Tegaldlimo Police Chief, Iptu Lita Kurniawan said, Residents found the ship on Tuesday (31/1/2023) o'clock 21.30 Wib.

“But it was only reported by residents to officers on Wednesday today,” said Lita, Wednesday (1/2/2023).

According to Lita, the ship was first discovered by Mandra (36), fisherman from Bangorejo District at around 06.00 Wib.

At that time, the witness saw KM Gunung Baru 1 is already in a position to pull over to the beach.

“The witness then relayed what he saw to Sumarni, a TNAP officer. The TNAP reported the discovery to the Tegaldlimo Police,” Lita said.

After receiving the report, officers immediately rushed to the location.