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Do the task, Elementary School Teacher in Banyuwangi Invites Students to Room, Parent's suspicion of uncovering naughty acts

Journalist Report East Java Tribune Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – It's really not appropriate what AM did (33), honorary teacher origin Sumbersari Village, Banyuwangi, East Java, this.

Teacher at an elementary school in Purwoharjo District, Regency Banyuwangi, that had the heart to fuck his student until he was six months pregnant.

Purwoharjo Police Chief, AKP Budi Hermawan explain, police have arrested AM.

AM was detained at the local police station.

AKP Budi Hermawan explained, the suspect had intercourse with the victim for the first time in November 2022.

the mode, the suspect invited the victim to do assignments in the teacher's room.

“When the task is completed, the victim is invited to one of the rooms to perform indecent acts (forced),” said AKP Budi Hermawan, Tuesday (23/5/2023).

The depraved act was uncovered after the victim's parents suspected that the shape of their child's stomach had changed as a result of being pregnant.

After being urged, the child admits to being raped by his teacher.

“The victim's parents then reported the incident to us last Sunday,” added.

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In a short time, The authorities investigated the case and arrested the suspect.

To the police, The suspect admitted to having sex with the victim twice.

At the moment, the victim was in one of the hospitals in Banyuwangi to undergo examination.

The inspection data, say AKP Budi Hermawan, will be used as one of the additional pieces of evidence for the investigation.


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