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A Strange Quadrilateral Love Story: You Elope with My Wife, I Marry Your Wife


Neeraj Kumar Singh is married to Ruby Devi 2 after his wife eloped with husband Ruby Devi 2. Photo/via ETV Bharat

NEW DELHI – A strange quadrangular love story takes place in Bihar, India . A wife eloped with a man his mistress , then the husband returned to marry the partner of the man he was having an affair with.

Ruby Devi eloped with the man she was having an affair with, Mukesh Kumar Singh. Then, Ruby's first husband; Neeraj Kumar Singh, managed to find the phone number of Mukesh's partner—whose unique name is also Ruby Devi.

This odd quadrangular love story has become the talk of the town for its dramatic twists and turns.

Neeraj Kumar Singh married Ruby Devi who hails from Pasraha village in the Chautham Police Station area in 2009. The couple had four children during their years of marriage.

Ruby Devi, mother of four, however, fell in love with the man she was having an affair with, Mukesh Kumar Singh, residents of Pasraha village. Interesting, Mukesh Kumar Singh has also married a woman who is also named Ruby Devi—let's call her Ruby Devi 2.

Mukesh Singh and Ruby Devi 2 own 2 child.

On 6 February 2022, Ruby Devi 1, Neeraj Kumar Singh's wife eloped with Mukesh with their two sons and one daughter and tied the knot with Mukesh.

Neeraj was left with one daughter and vice versa, Mukesh Kumar Singh's first wife, Ruby Devi 2 also left alone together 2 his son.

One day, somehow Neeraj got Mukesh's first wife's phone number, Ruby Devi 2, and the two started talking regularly. The two immediately fell in love and on 11 February, they ran away from their homes.

On the on 18 In February, the two of them formally married in court, exactly a year after they were left alone by their respective partners.

Citing reports On India, Thursday (2/3/2023), the two couples now live in different cities in Madhya Pradesh. Neeraj reportedly works in a Tata company, while Mukesh is a day labourer.