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Leopard Appears in the Forest Slopes of Mount Raung Banyuwangi, BKSDA Performs Identification

BANYUWANGI, – Residents who live on the slopes Mount Roung, Banyuwangi, East Java, shocked by the appearance of one leopard.

Animals with latin names Panthera pardus it can be seen in the tourist area of ​​Telunjuk Raung, Sumberarum Village, Songgon District.

The appearance of this protected animal was recorded by one of the residents until it went viral on social media.

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Full-length videos 19 the second shows a leopard lying on a tree branch.

Based on the description of the video recorder, The leopard lay down after eating a monkey.

Throne, say it (down the mountain. Eat monkey),” said the recorder in Madurese.

Sumberarum Village Head Ali Nurfatoni allowed the appearance of the leopard. Tony said, The animal appears on New Year's Eve 2023.

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“The tiger appeared on 31 December 2022 around 22.00 WIB and slept until 04.00 WIB,” said Tony, his familiar greeting, Monday (2/1/2023).

Tony explained, on New Year's eve, around 150 tourists who camped at Telunjuk Raung.

“There is a campground there. Then there was a crowd behind the canteen, there are officers too, then checked it turns out there is a leopard eating a monkey in the tree,” he said.

The gender of the leopard is not yet known. Pemdes Sumberarum is currently coordinating with related agencies.

“We're still coordinating,” said Tony.