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See the Banyuwangi Lampon Sea Picking Tradition, Communities Gotong Royong Clean the Beach and Pray

Journalist Report East Java Tribune Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – Right on 1 Cork Javanese calendar, Lampon Beach community, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Regency Banyuwangi, East Java, work together to carry out the Pick of the Sea Tradition, Wednesday (19/7/2023).

Picking the Lampon Sea is a tradition of the Pesanggaran coastal community as a form of gratitude for the seafood they get for one year.

Chairman of the Committee The Lampon Sea Picking Tradition, Suharsono, say, This tradition is a form of mutual cooperation of the fishermen.

The ritual starts one day before the implementation. Residents work together to clean the beach which continues with holding a prayer together.

“We are grateful to be able to carry out this tradition smoothly and lively. This is all thanks to the cooperation and solidarity of Lampon fishermen who help each other and work together to prepare this event,” Suharsono said.

The Lampon Sea Picking Tradition has been carried out since 1927 or 96 last year.

This ritual is held once a year every date 1 Cork Javanese calendar.

In this ritual, fishing communities bring offerings of crops to the middle of the sea by boat. The offerings are then dissolved.

Thousands of people cheered and enthusiastically celebrated The Lampon Sea Picking Tradition.

They flocked to the beach to witness the ritual procession. The solemn atmosphere is felt when the fishermen together release the offerings into the sea.

“The hope is that the fishermen will be given blessings and safety in seeking sustenance. Always protected by Almighty God,” Suharsono said.

The Tradition of Petik Laut Lampon is not only filled with the ritual of throwing offerings into the sea, but also with a variety of interesting folk entertainment.

One of them is an all-night shadow puppet performance that is held on the shores of Lampon Beach, as well as various other entertainment arts are also displayed.

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“This art performance aims to entertain fishing communities who have worked hard all year round. Pick the Sea is also a means of friendship and togetherness between the Lampon fishing community,said Suharsono.

Regent Banyuwangi, Ipuk Fiestiandani who were present at the event, appreciate the togetherness of the community in Petik Laut.

“Picking the Lampon Sea is a form of preserving local traditions and culture that we must protect and preserve. I hope this tradition can be maintained and continued from generation to generation,” holds Ipuk Fiestiandani.

Attend the activity, Commander of the Marine Combat Training Center (Danpuslatpurmar) 7 Lampon, Major Agus Fauzi and the Banyuwangi Police Chief, Kombes Pol AKBP Deddy Millewa.

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