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Welcome the Industrial Revolution 5.0, Students in Banyuwangi Introduced to Artificial Intelligence Technology

Banyuwangi, tvOnenews.comRevolution industry 5.0 is in sight. This condition will be filled with a variety of super sophisticated digital technology. One of them, artificial intelligence technology (artificial intelligence) digital based, chatGPT. This application makes education easier. even so, serious verification is needed when using it in the world of education or research.

Anticipate errors in using chatGPT, student in Banyuwangi this application was introduced, Tuesday (22/8) sore. This activity was held at the Masamy International Polytechnic Campus (Polmain) Banyuwangi. The speaker is not random, is an artificial intelligence technology expert from the University of Indonesia (UI), Prof Vishnu Jatmiko.

This UI Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science explained the sophistication of chatGPT technology. Even, become a machine that makes human work easier.

“With this chatGPT, Human work will be made easier. Even in the field of education. However, Final verification must still be carried out,He said.

There are five things that serve as guidelines for using chatGPT. Among them, context, role or benefit, field, long and extra. It means, When using this application it still requires careful inspection.

"On campus, chatGPT is used by students to complete assignments. This must be re-verified by the instructor to assess the student's abilities,he explained.

In developed countries, This artificial intelligence technology is widely used to make things easier for humans. For example, fishermen in Japan use it to see the location of fish. Then, see when fish growth occurs. There are also developed countries that use it to replace human tasks. One of them is in the world of mining to avoid the dangers of radiation for humans.

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This one-day seminar is expected to provide new knowledge for students. Especially, welcoming the industrial revolution 5.0 the ability to understand technology is required.