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One alcohol shop in Pesanggaran had opened

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PESANGGARAN, Jawa Pos Radar Tile – Liquor shop (you look) in the hamlet of Krajan, Pesanggaran Village/District, apparently not afraid of the action of residents who demand the closure of his shop. The proof, one of the two shops selling the intoxicating drink is still open and serving customers, Tuesday (14/3).

In Krajan Hamlet, Pesanggaran Village, during this time there were two liquor stores. One liquor store is near Baitussalam, and another liquor store near the Darul Qoror Mosque. Yesterday (14/3), The liquor store that is still open is near the Baitussalam Mosque. “The liquor store near the Baitussalam Mosque, on Friday (24/2) closed by residents and sealed, now open again,said one resident of Dusun Krajan, Pesanggaran Village, Ahmad Nur Hadi, 43.

Nur Hadi said he received information that the liquor store near the Baitusalam Mosque was open. It is just, the intoxicating liquor store was around at 11.30 suddenly closed. “Half open,"he said to the Jawa Pos Radar Tile.

NOT OPERATING: Liquor shop near Darul Qoror Mosque, Dusun Krajan, Pesanggaran Village/District, still closed after being visited by residents, Tuesday (14/3). (Photo: Nur Hadi for JPRG)

When I got the information the liquor store was open, Nur Hadi immediately went to the shop with residents who had asked all liquor stores to close. “Only the liquor store is open, the one near the Darul Qoror Mosque is not operating," he said.

It is just, he continued, when people come to the liquor store, it turns out that there are already members of the Pesanggaran Police. The police asked the liquor store to close. "If not earlier the police, I don't know how it ended. Residents are furious because they are stubborn (stay open)," he said.

Pesanggaran Police Chief, Iptu Lita Kurniawan confirmed that one liquor store had opened. He asked his men to patrol and come to the liquor store. "We give a warning, we explain what the conditions are like. Alhamdulillah, the manager understands and finally wants to close," he said.

Although it finally closed, According to him, the liquor store may reopen until an integrated team arrives and takes action. "The update is still the same, waiting for the unified team,” he said while mentioning that communication had been carried out with the integrated team.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of the One-Stop Integrated Licensing Capital Naming Service (DPMPTSP) Banyuwangi Regency, Supartana admitted that he could not confirm whether the two liquor stores had permits or not. "We have to investigate first, whether there is permission or not,” he said while referring to the integrated team leader from Banyuwangi Satpol PP.

If the store has a license, he still said, Supartana suspects that most likely the existing permits are in the form of building permits. And that cannot be used as a benchmark to determine whether or not alcohol is allowed to be sold. "But it's still not certain, must see first," he explained.

According to Supartana, the operation of an liquor store must involve a recommendation from customs, Banyuwangi Police, and the Office of Cooperatives, Micro business, and Trade Banyuwangi Regency. “Alcoholic stores must be thoroughly checked, it can't just be from us," he concluded.(sas/abi)