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Sinopsis Film 'Spirit Doll' Anya Geraldine's First Horror Film, Now Showing in Cinemas!

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Sonora.ID – The following is synopsis film Spirit Doll played by Anya Geraldine, is currently showing in Indonesian cinemas.

Spirit Doll is an Indonesian horror film directed by Azhar Kinoi Lubis who previously worked on films My First and Mangkujiwo 2.

Besides Anya Geraldine, This horror film is also played by Samuel Rizal, Elina Joerg, and many more.

This is Anya Geraldine's first film as an actress.

Spirit Doll is a film produced by Blue Water Films in collaboration with Goldenscene Pictures.

Listen movie synopsis Spirit Doll in full below.

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Synopsis Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll tells of a woman named Dara Blue, artist known as horror queen.

Dara returned to the entertainment stage after many tragic incidents happened to her, starting with her husband, Darius, who cheated, his only daughter, Dew, accident and died, to slowly rise from the mental pressure after the divorce.

He returned to the world of entertainment with his latest film entitled “Ghost Doll.”

One day, the doll used in the movie Spirit Dolls appears in front of Dara's house.

Dara immediately felt something strange was happening.

However, it was at that time that Dara also believed that the figure of Dew was still present and present in the doll.

Therefore, Dara treated the doll like her own child, like the people out there who maintain spirit dolls.

sadly, Dew's spirit does not remain silent in Dara's spirit doll.

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Precisely, people who are jealous of Dara's fame send evil creatures to inhabit the spirit doll.

It turned out that the Spirit Doll was possessed by an evil spirit and influenced Dara to commit a sadistic murder.

The supernatural terror from the doll continues to haunt Dara if she doesn't get rid of the doll immediately.

How is the continuation of the story of Dara and her Spirit Doll?

Watch the horror film Spirit Doll, which has been showing in theaters since 1 June 2023.

Player Spirit Doll

  • Anya Geraldine – Good
  • samuel rizal – Darius
  • Elina Joerg – Jenny
  • Anantya Rezky – Dew
  • Anette Edoarda
  • Ita Rahma
  • Wall Hakim
  • Mbok Tun
  • Badriyah Afiff
  • Anyun Cadel

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