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Never mind the Locomotive Flute, Woman in Banyuwangi Hit by Train

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The location of the woman who was hit by a train in Banyuwangi. (Photo: Rony Subhan/

JATIMNOW.COM – Siti Nur Hidayah (30), residents of Dusun Krajan, Kabat Village, Kabat sub-district died after being hit by a train (KA) Wijaya Kusuma, of Km 3+200 the Rogojampi-Banyuwangi route.

This event occurred at 05.26 WIB, Thursday (24/2/2022). At that time, the Wijaya train for the Cilacap-Banyuwangi route was going to Banyuwangi Kota Station and Ketapang Station as the final stop..

When confirmed, Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 9 Jember, Tohari acknowledged the incident. “The victim was a woman who walked towards a moving train,” Tohari said.

At that time, he continued, Train engineer Wijaya Kusuma has sounded the flute or the horn of a train locomotive. “The victim did not pay any heed to the train, finally being tempered by Wijaya Kusuma,” said Tohari.

The incident made the driver stop the train for a moment. Then, victims by the PT KAI Security Team, The Kabat Police and local village officials were evacuated.

Meanwhile, Kabat Kompol Polsek Edi Susanto stated that the victim's body had been taken to the Blambangan Hospital.

“From witness statements, last night approx 01.00-02.00 WIB. the victim leaves the house alone, husband was looking for it, but not found,” the light.

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