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Strange, Ants Nests and Dewandaru Trees Appear in Banyuwangi Residents' Houses

ID TEXT Musringah feels strange (90), residents of Gunungsari Hamlet, Village/District Bangorejo, Banyuwangi, when found anthill and the Dewandaru Tree appeared simultaneously in his house.

Gradually the two of them grew rapidly day by day. And can not be separated like a couple in love.

Mbah Mus, Musringah's grandmother's nickname, tell the story from the beginning of the emergence anthill and the Dewandaru Tree. Which is now another occupant of the front of the house.

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“It's been there since years 1990. Growing up day by day. The two of them grow together,” he said.

In short, said Mbah Mus, before the appearance of the ant house, the late husband or Mbah Kasiman was once visited by a Javanese woman in his dream.

“Her late husband had a dream that a woman dressed in old Javanese clothes visited him, who said he wanted to live in his house,he said.

Because it is considered a sleeping flower, the dream was not heeded by the husband.

“Sama Mbah Kasiman was left alone and then the hump appeared which was getting bigger,explained Mbah Mus.

Some unreasonable things also often happen in the giant ant's house. Nearby heirlooms often appear from nowhere.

"Before, At that time, flowers were often sprinkled around the ridge, there is a keris-shaped heirloom that appears,” he added.

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However, both Mbah Mus and Mbah Katiman, never took it and chose to leave it to people who want to take care of it.

"Never taken, for other people only,He said.

The next thing beyond what happened was the Dewandaru tree which grew about one meter from the ant's house.