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The beginning of Ramadan 1443 H Predicted that there will be a difference between NU and the government

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The result of determining the beginning of Ramadan or the date 1 Ramadhan 1443 Hijriyah is predicted to experience differences between Nahdlatul Ulama or NU and the government. Even, with Muhammadiyah which has established 1 Ramadan is earlier.

Chief Regional Manager (PW) Nahdlatul Ulama Falakiyah Institute (LFNU) East Java (East Java) KH Shofiullah or Gus Shofi said, Nahdlatul Ulama will decide the start of Ramadan 1443 Hijriyah based on the results of monitoring the new moon or rukyatul hilal which will be carried out simultaneously throughout Indonesia on Friday 1 April 2022.

“In East Java, our team from the Nahdlatul Ulama Falakiyah Institute will carry out monitoring of the new moon in Indonesia 27 point,” said KH Shofiullah or Gus Shofi, Friday 25 March 2022.

Meanwhile, the government will also hold an isbat meeting to determine the start of Ramadan 1443 Hijri on Friday 1 April 2022. Where, ISBAT is carried out after a joint team from various elements throughout Indonesia performs rukyatul hilal.