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Can be a safety hazard, Banyuwangi Residents Are Advised Not to Practice Hiking on the Highway

Journalist Report Tribune Jatim Network, Aflahul Abidin

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, BANYUWANGI – Entering August, Many activities will be held to celebrate independence. One of them race hike.

Usually many students and residents hold exercises. One route that is often used for walking training is the street. Both village roads and highways.

Anticipate the risk of bad things, Residents and schools are advised not to hold these exercises on roads with busy vehicles. Especially highways where large vehicles and high-speed vehicles pass.

“We urge you to avoid walking exercises on the highway because it endangers safety,” said Banyuwangi Police Head of Traffic Police Commissioner Randy Asdar, Tuesday (8/7/2023).

Randy asked the school and residents to use safe open spaces as walking practice locations. For example, in an open field.

Even if you have to, Satlantas asked parties who will hold walking drills on public roads to apply for a permit from the transportation or traffic service agency.

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The permit includes information on the location of the road to be used for the exercise. Through this permit, The relevant agencies will assess whether the proposed route is considered risky or not.

“When there it feels dangerous and risks disrupting the flow of traffic, then the agency will recommend another route that is more secure,” he continued.

Randy explained, Satlantas members will monitor the protocol roads which are often used by the community as locations for hiking exercises.

If you find students or residents holding exercises on dangerous roads, he continued, Police officers will take action by recommending the use of other, safer routes.

“We convey this appeal so that undesirable things do not happen. Don't let the Independence Day celebration become a disaster,” he said.


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