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Banyuwangi Regent Gathers School Principals, Remind of the Dangers of Bullying

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BANYUWANGI, – Regent Banyuwangi Ipuk Fiestiandani Azwar Anas finally gathered the school principals to remind him of the problem danger of bullying.

Previously, a class student 4 elementary school (SD) in Banyuwangi, he allegedly committed suicide at his home due to being bullied by his friend.

"Yesterday we gathered school principals in Pesanggaran District, then immediately around to other sub-districts. This should be a cause for concern,” said Ipuk, Saturday (4/3/2023).

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According to Ipuk, Bullying is a serious problem that disturbs children's psychology. Bullying can be traumatic and can affect a child's future.

Ipuk said, Cases of bullying in the school environment must be handled systematically by all parties.

“Problems at home and at school are often related. No exception questions bullying. So, There must be an understanding between the school and parents at home,” said Ipuk.

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According to him, if cooperation between education people, environment, until the parents of students are well established, then cases of child abuse can be completely suppressed.

The Banyuwangi Regency Government will hold a regular parenting week program, as an educational effort to build understanding between teachers and parents in child care. Thus, Bullying cases can be mitigated early.

“For example, in his family often get cursed, finally the child at school also likes to swear at his friends. This must be changed,” said Ipuk.

“So are the teachers, don't ignore. If there are bullying tendencies, immediately find the root of the problem. Contact his family," added Ipuk.

“The incidents of bullying that have emerged in the last few days should be a lesson for all of us. Don't let it happen again. We can no longer be indifferent to the problems experienced by our children,"Ipuk insisted.