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Steal Motor, Less than 2 Hours Perpetrators Successfully Caught

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NGOPIBARENG.ID – AS, residents of Karangrejo Village, Banyuwangi has to deal with the police because they are suspected of stealing motorbikes.

This young man was arrested by the police for stealing a Honda Scoopy motorcycle with police number P 5282 XF belongs to Deta Erlangga, 28 year, residents of Glagah Village/District, Banyuwangi, Friday, 4 February 2022. He was arrested just hours after the act.

The motorbike theft took place on Friday, morning. At first, around 06.45 WIB, the victim heated the engine of his motorcycle in his yard. After starting the motorcycle engine, the victim entered the house to take something.

“Not even a minute, The victim returned to his motorcycle. At that time, The victim realized that his motorbike was missing,” explained the Glagah Police Chief, AKP Maskur, S.H.

Find out the motorbike is missing, the victim was confused. Luckily there were residents who saw when the victim's motorbike was taken by the perpetrator. Immediately, the victim and residents carried out a pursuit with officers from the Glagah Police.

"One of the residents informed the incident to officers who happened to be not far from the scene of the incident,He said.

Officers and residents are pursuing the pursuit. Until finally, around 08.00 WIB, The perpetrator of the motorbike theft was successfully arrested in the Pakel Village area, Licin District.

"Furthermore, the motorcycle theft perpetrators along with the evidence were secured to the Glagah Police for further processing,"said the former Head of the Resmob Unit of the Banyuwangi Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

To date, Police are still investigating the perpetrators. A number of witnesses who knew about this incident were also questioned.

"Our suspect is charged with the article 362 Criminal Code on theft. For the purposes of investigation, we are keeping him in the Glagah Police detention room," he concluded.

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