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Tamansari Tourism Village in Banyuwangi, from Gandrung to Springs – Tamansari Tourism Village in Banyuwangi has a lot of potential. Located in Licin District and close to Ijen Crater, This village has a natural attraction, UMKM (Micro business, Small, Secondary), and culture.

Some examples of this attraction, including cultural sites Terracotta Loving Garden and the refreshing clear spring water namely Sendang Seruni.

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“There is the Ijen Crater main force in Banyuwangi, Sendang Seruni, and the Terracotta Garden contains 1.000 compulsive statue,” said the Head of the Culture and Tourism Service (Disbudpar) Banyuwangi, Muhammad Yanuar Bramuda at the location, Thursday (10/8/2023).

For your information, The distance from Tamansari Tourism Village to Ijen Crater is approx 17-20 kilometer (km), with travel time 40-60 minute.

It is not surprising that Tamansari Tourism Village can also be a stopover for tourists before or after visiting the Ijen Crater.

Terracotta Garden Infatuated with 1.000 dancer statue

Tamansari Tourism Village has a number of tourist objects that attract tourists, one of them is the cultural site of the Infatuated Terracotta Garden which contains 1.000 pottery statues of gandrung dancers.

“There every month there is the Meras Gandrung ballet,” Yanuar said.

Terracotta Loving Garden, part of the Tamansari Tourism Village, Banyuwangi, East Java. MUHARROROH ITSNAINI Terracotta Loving Garden, part of the Tamansari Tourism Village, Banyuwangi, East Java.

On this cultural site, 1.000 The gandrung dancer statues are scattered around the amphitheater and rice fields. Gandrung has become an original and cultural identity icon Banyuwangi city.

Tourists can also find green hills and stretches of rice fields with a number of supporting facilities, from art galleries, ballet open amphitheater, ricefield, restaurant, to the pool.

To be known, Terracotta Infatuated Garden is located in Blimbingsari Hamlet, Tamansari Village, Licin District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province.

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The trip to the Terracotta Infatuated Park area can be traversed by motorized vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles.

The distance from Banyuwangi (kota) to Gandrung Terracotta Park is approx 23 km and takes time 44 minute.

Meanwhile, the distance from Blimbingsari Airport is approx 37 km and takes time 1 jam 4 minute.