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Discipline is the key to success

Major Gandu WP
GANDU Widyo Putro is a lare Using who is currently the Chief of Staff of the Military District Command (Kasdim) 0825 Banyuwangi. The man who is usually called by his friends as Gandu graduated from the Military Academy (Akmil) TNI AD year 1994. Since he was young he was very disciplined. The military environment is familiar to him. Because, his grandfather was a veteran in Genteng District.

So that, TNI blood has flowed in his body. After graduating from Akmil in 1994, Gandu served in Sumatra for nine years. Awal May 2010, Gandu got a job as a kasdim in his hometown, Banyuwangi. Gandu is very happy because he can meet old friends and family who have been away from work for a long time.

Early on duty in Banyuwangi, Juvenile delinquency is a serious concern for the father of two children. Because, The delinquency of students and teenagers he values ​​has exceeded the reasonable limit. For example, partying on booze, taking drugs, even make porn videos. In Gandu's mind, a question arises, Do they need attention or do they want to be recognized?? One of the highlights is the punk kid. For him it's a classic problem. Because, Until now, the government does not have a specific formula to provide concrete solutions.

According to the infantry officer of the rank of major, Student and juvenile delinquency is treated permissively by the Banyuwangi community. Juvenile delinquency is considered a minor problem, so long plus big. Therefore, Gandu hopes that the people of Banyuwangi will support government programs, so as to produce products that can be enjoyed together.

Educational problems, health, social, and economics, is a common problem that must immediately find the best solution for 1,7 million souls of the people of Banyuwangi. Many things do men whose birthdays are on 16 August is in providing national character education for students. One of them, give an appeal to schools to play the national anthem before entering, rest, and go home from school. Indirectly, it accustoms students to memorize and appreciate the national anthems.

Gandu is also often the inspector of ceremonies in schools. He is often invited to several junior and senior high schools in Banyuwangi District. In his speech, pamen at Makodim 0825 Banyuwangi always reminds students about the importance of living a healthy life without taking drugs and having free sex.

Gan du's hope is the synergy of the three pillars (TNI, Police, and government). According to him, it is able to create a healthy climate for the community and students in Banyuwangi. "Discipline is a must for every student". Because with discipline- high line, many achievements that we can achieve,the message. (radar)