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Up in arms, Boy in Banyuwangi Allegedly Circumcised Jin

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Abdurahman Khafidz Raharjo (7), residents of Dusun Krajan, Kebaman Village, Srono . District, Banyuwangi, suspected of being circumcised by a jinn. (Screenshot/

NARASINEWS.ID – A strange phenomenon occurred in Banyuwangi, East Java, where there is a boy who is aged 7 year named Abdurahman Khafidz Raharjo suspected of being circumcised by a genie.

The boy who is still sitting in class 1 SD, from the village of Krajan, Kebaman Village, Srono . District, suddenly the foreskin, the tip of the genitals, looks like a cut, aka circumcision.

Even though Khafidz had never been circumcised before. Suddenly this phenomenon shocked local residents.

Khafidz's parents, Budi Joyo said, This strange event happened Tuesday (15/2/2022) sore. Initially, Budi did not know about the strange incident that had happened to his son.

When it happened, Budi was not at home. He found out about this incident after being told by his wife, if the child experiences a strange incident.

"I don't know exactly how that happened, because at that time I was in Banyuwangi City, then suddenly my wife gave the news," he said, Thursday (17/2/2022).

Budi recounted the incident, in the afternoon his son, Khafidz sat quietly alone in the yard, then called his mother to immediately take a shower and go to pray.

However, when his wife approached Khafidz, he saw the pants his son was wearing upside down and Khafidz was not aware of this.

"Then my wife intends to improve the position of the pants, and my wife were surprised when they saw that his genitals had changed in shape, similar to those that had been circumcised,he explained.

Even if it's a strange incident, Khafidz actually admitted that he did not feel any pain. “I feel no pain, I also don't know why suddenly like this," he said.

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