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Consumption of Non-subsidized LPG in Banyuwangi Rises 70 Percent

BANYUWANGI, – Sales Brand Manager PT Pertamina Trademark Banyuwangi, East Java, Denny Nugrahanto said, gas use the elp non subsidi atau public service obligation (PSO) in Banyuwangi it rose to 12 tons per day.

Though usually, PSO LPG supply approx 7 tons per day. Good in packaging 5,5 kilogram, 12 kilogram, nor 50 kilogram.

“It's a combination of tubes. So, to increase the tube unit data, we have to cross-check it first,” said the Sales Brand Manager of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Banyuwangi, Denny Nugrahanto, to, Wednesday (9/8/2023).

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According to Denny, Currently, the trend in Banyuwangi people's LPG consumption is shifting to non-subsidized.

This is in line with complaints about the difficulty of Banyuwangi residents getting LPG gas 3 kilograms of subsidies on the market, in the last week.

“So the increase is approx 60 until 70 percent. Public awareness of using LPG is starting to increase,” said Denny at SPBE Argopuro Banyuwangi.

Meanwhile, there is demand for LPG gas cylinders 3 kilograms of subsidies are starting to gradually return to normal.

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“Can, has started to stabilize,” said Section Head Communication and Relations PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Jatimbalinus, Taufiq Kurniawan.

According to Taufiq, according to normal calculations, LPG needs 3 kilograms of Banyuwangi people in one day reached 52 thousand tubes.

“So in the last two weeks Banyuwangi received an additional supply of 160 thousand tubes. Or extra 300 percent,” said Taufik.

Taufiq admitted, In the last few weeks the people of Banyuwangi have had difficulty getting supplies of LPG 3 kilogram.

The reason this happened, said Taufiq, due to the increase in LPG consumption due to seasonal factors (seasonality).

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“The pattern in Banyuwangi is seasonality. Starting school holidays, activity 1 Muharram, festive season events, until the Hajj season,” said Taufik.

According to him, seasonality in Banyuwangi this causes LPG consumption to increase. Because accumulation is unpredictable.

“Actually, parties or celebrations cannot use LPG 3 kilogram. So that the normal public stock becomes abnormal,” said Taufiq.

Taufiq calculated, the average amount of LPG consumption per month for a normal household 3-4 tubes.

“Because it is not used properly, then there is an increase in stock. So it's actually not rare,” explained Taufiq.

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He claims, LPG consumption increased because it was in line with economic growth in Banyuwangi Regency.

Taufiq confirmed, LPG supply 3 kilograms at all bases in Banyuwangi, has started to gradually return to normal.

“It's been stable again since the last week. Base stock is starting to be sufficient,” said Taufiq.

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