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Complete Chronology of Couples in Sidoarjo Tortured Toddlers to Death


A toddler with the initials F is aged 2 year 10 Bulan died with bruises from being tortured during 2 month. The perpetrator was none other than the victim's caregiver named Bambang Suprijono (48) and Sriyati Indayani (43).

The police revealed that the chronology of the torture began when Bambang and Sriyati were looking for work via their Facebook accounts around July 2022. Next, both of them were offered a job through the messenger Feli Amira's Facebook account.

in September 2022, the two suspects were then visited by the victim's parents who claimed that their name was Ayu from Banyuwangi. At that time, Ayu visited the boarding house of the two couples in Wonokromo, Surabaya.

“At that time, the victim's parents argued that they were going to Jakarta and wanted to leave their children and be accepted,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sidoarjo Police AKP Tiksnarto Andaru Rahutomo, Wednesday (31/5/2023).

Two weeks after being deposited, continued Andaru, the victim's parents then sent money for care and wages of around Rp 5 million. After caring for the victim, The two suspects also moved around the boarding house. Finally, the two suspects boarded in the village of Masangan Kulon Sukodono, Sidoarjo.

Entering March 2023, apparently the transfer of wages and the needs of the victim was never sent. Meanwhile, the telephone number of the victim's parents is also not active.

It was from here that the two suspects became annoyed and began to torture them. The two suspects even told the victim to sleep in the bathroom since that March.

“From March (told to sleep in the bathroom). And if the perpetrator leaves the boarding house, is (victim) locked from the outside,” Andaru explained.

Due to experiencing various kinds of persecution and torture for more or less 2 month, The toddler later died on Sunday (28/5) night. At that time, the two had just returned from work as fried rice sellers and food stall keepers.

The victim's death was then reported to the local RT head. The two suspects then made up a story that the baby they were caring for was taken by their parents a few days before Eid. But returned alone to the suspect's boarding house with these injuries.

“Because there were irregularities on the victim's body, namely the presence of bruises, the Village Officials reported it to the Sukodono Police,” said Andaru.

In inspection, it turned out that the statements of the two suspects turned out to be false and there were many injuries from abuse. The two suspects were later arrested and detained.

“We endured because of that time, gave false information and turned out to be the perpetrator of the abuse of the victim and was named a suspect,” tandas Andaru.

Previously, a toddler was found dead at his nanny's house in Masangan Kulon Village, RT 04 RW 02, Sukodono, Sidoarjo. The victim was found dead when his caregiver left him to buy food.

The victim is F 2 year 10 month. Meanwhile, his caretaker is Bambang Suprijono (49) and Sriyati Indayani (43) a Surabaya resident who rents a boarding house in Masangan Kulon Village.

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