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Drunk, Banyuwangi man attacks his friend with a machete

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The victim is undergoing treatment at the Tegaldlimo Health Center (Photo:special)

NGOPIBARENG.ID – Because of drunken liquor, Widiyanto, 37 year, residents of Dusun Sumberejo, Banyuwangi Village/Sub-district must deal with law enforcement. This man had the heart to attack his friend, Riyadi, 48 year, with a machete he carried. as a result, Riyadi has to undergo treatment at the hospital.

The incident happened on Saturday, 19 February 2022. Initially, the perpetrator and the victim held a liquor party on the terrace of a resident's house. Then the two of them looked for eels in the fields using a machete brought by the perpetrator. around 16.30 it's raining, then they take shelter where they had the liquor party before.

"Furthermore, because the wine still has some left over", then drunk together by the suspect and the victim,"explained the Head of Public Relations of the Banyuwangi Police, Iptu Lita Kurniawan, Monday, 21 February 2022.

At that time, there was a clash between the suspect and the victim. Then the victim took the suspect home. Unexpected, the perpetrator suddenly attacked the victim with a machete previously used to look for eels. "The machete was then slashed blindly on the victim," he explained.

The victim tried to grab the machete held by the suspect but to no avail. After seeing the victim covered in blood, the perpetrator then throws his machete. Next, he ran away.

The people who saw the incident immediately helped the victims. He was taken to the local health center for treatment. Residents also reported the incident to the Tegaldlimo Police. On the basis of the report, Police officers then hunt down the perpetrators.

"On Sunday, the perpetrator was arrested by a joint team of the Tegaldlimo Police and the Banyuwangi Police Resmob.",He said.

For his actions, The suspect is charged with Article 351 verse 2 Criminal Code Jo Article 2 Emergency law number 12 year 1951. The police have secured evidence in the form of a machete used to attack the victim and a small bottle of used wine.

"For the purposes of the investigation, the suspect has now been detained,"concluded the police who once served as KBO of the Banyuwangi Police Narcotics Unit.

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