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Stikes Students are Provided with ESQ and Hypnotherapy

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BANYUWANGI – College of Health Sciences (Sticks) Banyuwangi held blood donation and Emotional Spiritual Quotion training (ESQ), Saturday (17/3) then. These two activities are a series of selection for new year admissions 2011-2012 that hasn't been done.

Banyuwangi Sticks Director, H. Soekarjo, S.Kep., MARS., said blood donation was followed by the entire Stikes academic community. Meanwhile, the ESQ participants are students in the first semester of the D3 Midwifery study program, Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing.

Explained, in education, Stikes provides insight into the importance of ESQ in achieving success. According to the man who successfully brought these Stikes, success in education or work is not solely based on academic intelligence as measured by a high IQ, but more on emotional intelligence.

The role of IQ in supporting success in the world of work only ranks second after EQ. “This spiritual-emotional intelligence is the basis for recognizing and understanding the deepest parts of our own inner voice as well as the feelings and voices of others., where conscience is the basis of emotional-spiritual intelligence in building personal resilience,Soekardjo said.

Meanwhile, ESQ training participants under the guidance of a Trustco Bali Trainer, Rosadi Lubis, SH., gain insight into the importance of Hypnotherapy. This knowledge is very important for childbirth as well as for patients being cared for. This Hypnotherapy Method, Soekardjo said, able to make labor relaxed without pain.

With Hypnotherapy, the process of giving birth becomes very enjoyable, fluent, and fast. Even this method can help the confidence of patients who are undergoing anesthesia. "Hopefully the training can provide a stimulus for Stikes students in navigating health education". So that, later when they finish their education at Stikes they become more character,"concluded the former chairman of the Indonesian National Nursing Association. (radar)