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Garden Worker Found Dead in Mess

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GLENMORE, Jawa Pos Radar Tile – Sugiyanto, a sugarcane logger, 42, from the village of Krajan, White Village, Mayan District, Jember, found dead in PT Perkebunan Glenmore's mess room, Margomulyo Village, Glenmore District on Friday (2/6) night.

Glenmore Police Chief, AKP Satrio Wibowo explained,

The victim, who had the unfortunate fate, was first found by Ahmad Mufid Pradana, 40, plantation foreman who lives in Garahan Village, Silo . District, Jember. “Found the foreman,said the Glenmore Police Chief, AKP Satrio Wibowo.

before being found dead, explained the police chief, Sugiyanto had worked cutting sugarcane in Petak 02, Besaran Department, PT Perkebunan Glenmore since at 07.00. “This group of sugarcane loggers, had come the day before," he explained.

In the middle of the job, it's clear, around 10.00, the victim feels unwell. He asked for one of his gardens, to rub his back. "Because it's not getting better, the victim by the foreman was escorted back to the mess," he said.

In that mess, it's clear, Sugiyanto took a break. Just at night, the foreman returned to the mess to find out the condition of the sugar cane workers. When you get suspicious, the lights in the mess are not turned on. “When checked, the victim was dead with his face down and stiff,"he said.

The death of this sugar cane worker, had made the residents around the private plantation agitated. Among other sugar cane workers, someone contacted the ambulance officer from RSU Bhakti Husada, Krikilan, Glenmore Kecamatan District. "In the hospital, medical staff confirmed that the victim was dead,He said.

The police chief admitted that he could not confirm the cause of Sugiyanto's death. So far, have no history of chronic disease. "From his family's confession, have no serious illness," he said.(sas/abi)