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Ambulance Sighting of Accident Bodies at Batang Tewaskan Toll 1 Person

Jogja – The fatal accident of an ambulance colliding with a truck on the Semarang-Batang Km 366+50 B line, Good morning, boy, killed one person. The ambulance looked badly damaged at the front.

In the photo received detikJateng, The ambulance appeared to be badly damaged at the front. The hood of the ambulance and the door were dented. It appears that the wheels of the ambulance are also tilted.

The accident involved an ambulance with number B 2789 SRG with a Mitsubishi truck number P 9367 The VJ driven by Sutiono (57) Kaligoni residents, Tile District, Banyuwangi. Accident on Sunday (27/8) o'clock 10.40 WIB killed Nova Adi Saputro (39) residents of West Pejaten Village, Sunday market, South Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the ambulance was driven by Al Baaqi Sabilifalah (21) residents of Cipedak Village, Jagakarsa district, South Jakarta.

“One person died and one person suffered minor injuries,” said the head of the Batang Police Headquarters, AKP Agus Pardiyono Marinus, yesterday.

Agus said that at the time of the accident the body ambulance was empty. The car is known to have traveled from Purwodadi back to Jakarta.

“Originally, Vehicles travel from east to west (to Jakarta), is in the left column, go through a straight road, flat, the atmosphere is bright during the day. Arriving at the crime scene, it is suspected that the driver lacked concentration and then crashed into the back of the truck,” explained Agus.

The cause of the accident is thought to be because the ambulance driver was sleepy and lacked concentration. As a result, the ambulance driver hit a truck traveling in the same direction in front of him.

“Suspected of being tired and lacking concentration, the truck in front of him is in the same direction, hit by a hearse. Receive this information, We are with the toll road officers and PJR, immediately evacuated victims and secured the toll road section,” he said.

The hearse passenger was Nova Adi Saputro (39), died at the scene due to serious injuries. The victim was then evacuated to Kalisari Batang Regional Hospital.

Meanwhile, the driver who suffered minor injuries was evacuated to QIM Batang Hospital. “The driver's condition when evacuated was conscious and had minor injuries,” he said.

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