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Ketapang-Lembar Crossing Threatened to Close, Move to Situbondo

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Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setiyadi (Photo: Muh Hujaini /

NGOPIBARENG.ID – The Directorate of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation plans to relocate the Long Distance Ferry route (LDF) Ketapang, Banyuwangi - Sheet, Lombok. The plan, the route to the Sheet Port will be moved to the Anchor Port, Situbondo.

The plan to relocate this route was submitted by the Director General of Land Transportation, Budi Setyadi, during a working visit in Banyuwangi, Monday, 7 February 2022. According to him, about two weeks ago the Minister of Transportation held a meeting with the Governor of East Java. In the meeting, it was stated that the East Java Provincial Government had built a new wharf at the Anchor Port.

"And then the proposal was to make a new route from Anchor to Sheet and anchor to NTT,Budi Setiyadi explained

According to him, currently the Directorate of Land Transportation has routes from Ketapang-Gilimanuk and Padangbai-Lembar. Besides that, there is also a new route from Ketapang Harbor directly to Lembar Harbor. On the Ketapang-Lesheet track, there is 6 operating ship.

"Now the load factor for this ship is good, between 75 percent up 80 percent. There is one more ship whose regulation is from (Directorate of Communications) The sea from Tanjungwangi and Lembar," he explained.

If the path of Sheet-Anchor and NTT-Anchor is opened, continued Budi Setiyadi, for the route from the Anchor Port to the Lembar Port, it may be possible to move the ship currently serving the Ketapang route to the Lembar Port. “We moved six of them there. So instead of adding a new permission. But we can add new permits according to the existing evaluation,” he said.

From the evaluation results that have been done, from 100 percent of logistics vehicles from the direction of East Java to Lembar use the anchor port as much 90 percent of vehicles from Surabaya. Whereas 10 percent comes from the area in Banyuwangi, Situbondo and Jember.

"So maybe maybe that 10 percent, for logistics yes, use the one from Ketapang- Gilimanuk, but which 90 percent could use from Anchor," he said.

However, Budi Setiyadi admitted that he had not yet decided whether to move all the ships on the Ketapang-Lembar route to Anchor. Because moving the entire ship means the Ketapang-Lembar track is closed.

"But I haven't decided yet, we can move all of them or maybe we can move some of them there. Because there is still demand 10 percent earlier," he concluded.

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