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Swallow the Soul, Police Give Police Lines for Akbar Zoo Tourism Forum

Police Give Police Lines at Locations of Children Drowning to Death at the Akbar Zoo Tourism Forum, Wednesday (31/05). Photo : Jaenudin/Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi hits.en – The incident of a child drowning to death, happened at the Krajan Dusun Zoo Tourism Forum, Paspan Village, Glagah District, Banyuwangi Regency, Wednesday (31/05/23).

The incident was confirmed by the Head of the Glagah Police, AKP Pudji Wahyono, via the AIPDA Criminal Investigation Unit Hengki when confirmed by a Journalist in his office.

"About eight in the morning, Taking place in the swimming pool of Akbar Zoo, a five year old boy has drowned, ” answered AKP Pudji Wahyono through the AIPDA Hengki Criminal Investigation Unit.

AIPDA Hengki explained, Initially, members of the Glagah Police while in the field received news, a child died as a result of drowning at the Akbar Zoo Tourism Forum. At that time, together with the Glagah Polsek SPKT officers, they headed to the tourist site. But at Akbar Zoo, The victim was taken to the Glagah Health Center.

"And at that time the members headed to the Glagah Health Center to confirm the victim's condition, because the focus is on children's safety,” explained the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Glagah Police.

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