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Propose Outstanding Athlete Scholarship

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GLAGAH – Pengkab IPSI Banyuwangi will propose scholarships to the government for outstanding athletes who are still studying, both school and college level. Besides that, the parent organization of all silat colleges will give bonuses to these outstanding athletes. The positive step became one of IPSI Banyuwangi's devotional work programs 2013- 2017.

The decision was discussed and decided in the district working meeting (Lizard) IPSI Banyuwangi which was held in the Using Tourism hall room, Kemiren Village, Glagah District, yesterday (23/2). Besides that, IPSI will also give awards to the coaches. This award is aimed at coaches who excel in developing athletes. Therefore, IPSI will work hard so that this step can be realized.

There are several important points in the Muskerkab. One of the main priorities in the work program is the selection of athletes. This step is part of welcoming the grand event of the Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) East Java which will be held in Banyuwangi this year 2015 coming. To date, IPSI has not yet decided which athletes will be involved in the biennial multi-event event.

But, the parent organization of all silat schools has recorded the best fighters, both men and women to be part of the host in the event. Soon, IPSI encourages athletes to attend training centers (TC), both tiered TC and concentration for porprov preparations.

“This is an effort to smoothen the target of winning the overall championship in Porprov later,'' said the secretary of IPSI Banyuwangi, Mukayin. according to her, IPSI board members are still solid in accordance with their respective duties. That's why, he is optimistic that the work program that is a shared mandate can be realized. ''We are serious about developing athletes,'' he said. (radar)

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