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140 Bodies Live Mass Ngaben in Banyuwangi

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take out

PURWOHARJO – Hundreds of Hindus in the Purwoharjo District held their Pitrayad ceremony (take out) pranawa level in Curahjati Hamlet, Grajagan village, Purwoharjo District, yesterday (18/11). The ritual ceremony is routinely carried out once every five years, followed by 140 sawe or ancestors of Hindus who have died, to carry out the cremation procession or mass burning.

Even though the sun is hot enough, does not dampen the people and people who watch the ritual ceremony. Gamelan sound reinforcements, accompany the procession. The atmosphere is getting busier when the children also carry bade and adventures from Giri Mulya Temple in Curahjati Hamlet, Grajagan village, to the location of the burning which is about three kilometers.


"This ritual is routinely held every five years,"explained the chairman of the organizing committee for mass cremation, Sugiyanto, 45. According to Sugiyanto, The pitrayad ceremony that was held was aimed at purifying and returning the bodies of the ancestors who had died back to their origins, namely the five great buddhas.

“Atman (ruh) can more quickly return to the Creator,He said. After the burning ceremony, Hindu families who follow the Ngaben float the charcoal left over from their ancestors at Grajagan Beach, Grajagan Village, Purwoharjo District.

"The charcoal from this ancestor we will float into the sea," he explained. The pitrayad ceremony procession, ends with the nyekah or mapakatman procession which has been floated at Grajagan Beach to be stored in the ticket room. "The pitrayad ceremony is held every five years", This is the second time, first in 2011,” he said.

The mass cremation ritual ceremony, get people's attention. All the way through this procession, Residents are seen lined up on the side of the road. Not a few of the residents, documenting the activity via cell phone. “This ceremony is rare, and this can be a tourist attraction in Banyuwangi. But, honey, less exposed,said Bayu Krishbnandi, 32, a resident of the village/district of Purwoharjo. (radar)