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Father in Banyuwangi Raped Stepdaughter until Pregnant, Threatened with a machete if they refuse

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Another case of child rape by a stepfather has occurred in Banyuwangi. This time, a father in Muncar sub-district raped his stepdaughter until she became pregnant 5 month.

The culprit is WL (44) Muncar District residents. This tattooed man was arrested without resistance, after the victim's mother reported the depraved act of her only child.

Muncar Police Chief AKP Imron explained that the perpetrator's depraved actions had been carried out since December 2021 ago. At the time, The victim was still in high school at the time.

“The initial occurrence was around December 2021. Exactly one year of the action taken by the suspect,” he told reporters, Thursday (8/12/2022).

When in action, the perpetrator often threatens with a machete and will burn the house if he reports his actions to other people. The rape continued until the victim became pregnant.