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Concerned Regent, Police Chief Seriously Reveals Perpetrators

TILES-The alleged rape case that befell Saritem (pseudonym, Red), 4, continues to attract the attention of many people. This time it was a case of rape in the early morning on a muddy road leading to the Perhutani forest area, KRPH Pulau Merah, BKPH Sukomade, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, this raised concern for the Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas and the Police Chief AKBP Nanang Masbudi.

When giving his speech at the opening of the Indonesian Education League (LPI) in Maron Field, Tile District, yesterday afternoon (7/3), Regent Anas said he was concerned and saddened by the case. “The case of rape where the victim was a toddler is really concerning, and this shows how low human morals are,"He regretted.

When found after opening the LPI, Anas had asked the Nanang Police Chief for help in solving the case. "I asked the Chief of Police for help, perpetrator of child rape arrested,he asked after eating at the Jamilah Tile shop. The Nanang Police Chief admitted that he was serious about exposing the perpetrators of the rape that befell the toddler. "Of course, We will seriously uncover the perpetrators of this case.

The culprit must be found, however the act is very barbaric,” he said when met on the same occasion. At the moment, continued the chief of police, he has ordered his men, seriously to find the culprit. "I have also asked for the results of the sperm lab to be taken," he explained to RaBa.

As reported, Saritem, a four-year-old toddler becomes the victim of a barbaric male rape. The victim was found by residents lying on the road at the edge of the forest, o'clock 04.00. Blood continued to flow from his cock. The victim's injuries were so serious, he had to be referred to the Hospital (RS) dr Soetomo Surabaya. (radar)

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