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Daihatsu Ayla swerved on a roof tile and hit a two-wheeled rider

Daihatsu Ayla swerved on a roof tile and hit a two-wheeled rider
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Condition of Daihatsu Ayla after experiencing an accident in Genteng, Banyuwangi, Friday (19/01) – An accident between a four-wheeled vehicle and a two-wheeled vehicle occurred on the Genteng-Temuguruh highway, exactly the intersection 4 small in Krajan RT Hamlet 02 RW 10, Wetan Tile Village, Tile District, Banyuwangi Regency, Friday (19/01/24). This incident was reported by the Genteng Police Chief, Commissioner Setiyo Widodo.

“The accident occurred at around twenty minutes past four,” said the Genteng Police Chief to Banyuwangihits Journalist.

The vehicle involved in the accident was a Daihatsu Ayla with plate number B 2104 BIR is driven by Kezia Gita Trushtha Cristina (23) located at Jl. Dukuh Pakis 6C No. 53, Dukuhpakis District, Surabaya, Contrary to the Honda Beat with the number P 3764 ZK driven by Moch. Hisham (50) with wife Umi Rindiyah (46) and Vika's son Mahya Artana (11). The three of them have their addresses in Krajan RT Hamlet 01 RW 01, Sragi Desa Village, Songgon, Banyuwangi.

Police Commissioner Setiyo Widodo explained, The chronology begins when the Daihatsu Ayla was going from north to south and lost control and swerved to the right. Because it's swaying, The front right corner of the Daihatsu Alya crashed into a Honda Beat which was traveling in the opposite direction. The incident caused the Honda Beat to roll over, until two passengers fell on the road and suffered injuries. Residents who saw this immediately took the victim to Genteng Hospital.

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