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Get a grant of Rp 4 Billion on 2022, KONI Banyuwangi: Not Mentioned for "Reward" Athlete

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BANYUWANGI, – CONI chairman Banyuwangi Mukayin admits, Banyuwangi Regency Government provides a grant of Rp 4 billion on 2022.

However, grants received KONI Banyuwangi it's not for reward or bonuses for athletes who win medals.

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“But no mention of funds for reward athletes in the grant fund,” Kata Mukayin in Banyuwangi, Wednesday (1/2/2023).

According to Mukayin, dana reward it should be submitted through an amendment to the financial budget (PAK) Year 2022.

“However, it is impossible to do,” said Mukayin.

As a form of responsibility of the Chairman of KONI Banyuwangi, Mukayin promised to apply for funds reward it's in budget 2023.

"It has been clear, the amount already clear and I have prepared the envelope, I have prepared the receipt, whenever the funds are disbursed, I will definitely invite athletes who are entitled to receive them,Mukayin promised.

According to Mukayin, when signing the text of the regional grant agreement (NPHD) he assumed that the Regency KONI would still receive assistance from the Provincial KONI.

Every year, he said, KONI districts or cities always receive assistance from the province. However, in fact there is no help.

"That's what we want for extra reward. Due to the decision of the Provincial KONI there was no operational assistance from the Provincial KONI. So nothing, we really can't, can be checked to the Provincial KONI," said Mukayin.

In that mediation, Mukayin also admitted that he had undergone an examination at the East Java Regional Police. In fact, I have gone back and forth to Surabaya twice.

"I don't understand what the report is about. I was just asked about LPJ starting 2019 until 2022 so everything is in-'peasant',Mukayin said.