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Finding the Selo Tumpang or Watu Tumpang sites is not too difficult. From the Purwoharjo District office it only takes approx 10 minutes travel by motorbike or car. When you arrive at the Karetan intersection, turn east or towards Tegaldlimo District.

Around 300 meters from the Karetan intersection four highway there is a dirt road in the middle of the forest to the right. The forest enters the Petak area 69, Karetan abattoir, BPKH Karetan, South Banyuwangi KPH, Sidodadi Hamlet area, Karetan Village, Purwoharjo District.

The dirt road in the middle of the forest was quite wide, which is about three meters. When you get around 50 meters from the main road, You will see a building similar to a pesarean. The building is surrounded by a two meter high fence and is equipped with a gate.

From the entrance, on the right side there is a spacious building that looks like a prayer room. In the building with ceramic floors there are mats and carpets. This place is usually used to rest by visitors who spend the night to perform rituals. On the left side of the entrance there is a hut equipped with a long table and wooden chairs two meters long.. This place is provided for visitors to relax and sit around.

“The caretaker is sick, so there is no one waiting in this place,” said the Head of Sidoagung Hamlet, Judiriyanto, 54. If you go straight from the first gate, there is a second entrance and it goes directly to the site location. To get to the site you have to go through three stairs.

The main building is spacious 144 The square meter looked well maintained. In the middle of the building there is a fairly large stone that sits on top of another stone. The stone at the bottom is larger or wider than the stone above it.

Based on stories that develop in society, The history of the surpise stone begins in the year 1922 AD there was a husband and wife couple (couple) Tropawirorejo and Raden Ayu Ruminah or Mbah Kusumorejo cleared the forest.

When clearing the forest, The couple marked the boundary or mark of the forest that had been cleared using two small stones stacked together. The stone that was made a boundary by being superimposed suddenly turned into a big one. Since then, residents have called Watu Tumpang or Selo Tumpang Mbah Widjojokusumo..

"The first caretaker was the late Mbah Bugiman,"explained Judiriyanto. The development, The Watu Tumpang is sacred by the surrounding community and is often used as a resting place, especially every Friday Kliwon and Friday Legi nights.

“In the month of Suro (in the Javanese calendar) many more,he explained. Many visitors who come to perform the ritual come from various regions in the archipelago, like Aceh, Jakarta, So, Holy, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Surabaya, Bali, and various other cities in Indonesia.

“Usually before going to Alas Purwo, stop by at Watu Tumpang,He said. When there is a presidential election (presidential election), governor election (gubernatorial election), regent election (pilbup), legislative candidate (caleg), and village head elections (pilkades), The Watu Tumpang site is a place where people go to perform rituals.

“In the past, generals often came here, it just comes quietly,he explained. The Watu Tumpang site is still sacred to some people. If residents have a desire, such as circumcision and marriage, they held a celebration by bringing tumpeng rice at that place.

The Watu Tumpang site used to be just an ordinary rock on the ground. In the year 1988 The stone was once forcibly dismantled using explosives (dynamite) and shattered into several pieces. But, soon the stone gathered back in its original shape.

Because many residents come from outside the area, in the year 2002 by one of the local religious figures, Marjono, Watu Tumpang was restored and buildings and fences were made. "Until now it is still well maintained. There are only people who visit," he concluded. (radar)

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