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Pregnant Women Can Fast

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motherBANYUWANGI – Fasting is an obligatory worship that must be followed by every Muslim. No exception for mothers who are pregnant (hamil). This basic worship by holding back eating and drinking can still be carried out without having to worry about the condition of the development of the fetus in the stomach.

“Pregnancy does not prevent a mother from fasting, as long as the nutritional intake during sahur and iftar is guaranteed quality,” said Happy Widodo, obstetrician at Fatimah Islamic Hospital yesterday (10/7). Widodo added, Pregnant women should pay attention to the portion of food that must contain sufficient nutrients.

The definition of sufficient here means that the nutrients that enter the body meet the additional nutritional needs of pregnant women needed for fetal growth, persiapan menyusi, placenta, amniotic fluid, and blood volume. However, Many then become misperceptions with these nutritional needs. Many pregnant women then eat food excessively. The assumption is that it is analogous to eating for two people.

So it requires a double portion. That assumption needs to be revised by interpreting adequate food for the mother and fetus. If not, Overeating can increase the risk of pregnancy and childbirth itself later. ideal, for nine months, pregnant women experience weight gain 11 until 13 only kilograms. It is also important for pregnant women to maintain a healthy diet and balanced nutrition during fasting.

It is just, under certain conditions, Widodo advises pregnant women not to fast. What time is it? One of them is characterized by the condition of pregnancy with complaints of nausea and vomiting. If that's the situation, then it is advisable to postpone fasting aka not fasting and replace it on another day. (radar)

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