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Want to be a Model, Schoolgirl Disappear

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want toBANYUWANGI – A high school student was desperate to run away from home with a man she knew last Monday (25/11). Until yesterday (26/11), The position of the student named Febiola Catur Samudera is still mysterious. Before leaving home, old girl 16 year of origin of Kedungringin Hamlet, Temurejo Village, Bangorejo District, Banyuwangi, it had made her wish to be a model.

Of course the disappearance of the class X PGRI Purwoharjo high school student made her parents confused. The student's family also went to the Banyuwangi Police to report. "We've searched the homes of relatives and friends, but nothing,”Said Sriyanah, 40, biological mother Fe bio la Catur Samudera. According to Sriyanah, her daughter left the house since around 06.00 last Monday. Febiola leaves wearing school uniform.

“When Febiola goes to school, me and his father (H. Suryanto) being in the kitchen,"Said Sriyanah. Unbeknownst to Sriyanah, Febiola allegedly not going to school. It's just a walk, The fourth daughter of five siblings stopped by Winarto's shop next to his house. “Originally, I didn't know he stopped by Winarto's shop," he explained. Winarto's statement to Sri yanah, Febiola stopped by her neighbor's shop to change clothes.

The school uniform is taken off, then change into free clothes. "Mr. Winarto didn't say that my son stopped by his shop to change clothes," he said. After changing clothes, call Sri yanah, Febiola was picked up by a young man whose identity was not yet known. The man who is rather thin is riding an orange Yamaha Jupiter. “Go with the person who invited it,”Said Sriyanah.

Sriyanah admitted that she had no inkling about her daughter's departure. Because suddenly feeling bad, around 13.00, Sriyanah sent a short message to a cell phone (cell phone) Febiola. “I texted, why don't you go to school by motorbike?. Answered to school with friends,he explained. Suspicion is getting higher after hitting 15.00, It turns out that Febiola hasn't arrived home yet. even though, Usually the only daughter of the Sur Yanto-Sriyanah couple arrived at the house at 13.00.

"I can't call anymore". HP is not active,"Said Sriyanah. Sriyanah admitted that she had been looking for several relatives and a number of friends. But, the search results are still nil. Description of one of his friends, Febiola did not go to school on that Monday. “Until now I didn't know his whereabouts," he said. Sriyanah admitted that she did not know why her daughter was desperate to leave without saying goodbye. So far there have been no problems.

However, previously, Febiola once expressed her desire to become a model. "I asked what the model is", he said the one who was usually photographed," he said. Banyuwangi Police Chief AKBP Yusuf through the Head of Public Relations of the Resort Police AKP Bambang SP conveyed:, it has received a report from Sriyanah. The report will be followed up with an investigation. "Disappeared after being picked up by a young man","said AKB Bambang. (radar)

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