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Young Widow in Banyuwangi Found Consuming Shabu

Glenmore Police Chief AKP Basori Alwi interrogated DRI shortly after the arrest process (Photo:special)

NGOPIBARENG.ID – A young widow in Banyuwangi has to deal with the police. The cause, This young woman was caught red-handed consuming methamphetamine in the room of a house in Karangharjo Village, Glenmore Kecamatan District. The identity of the woman is known, DRI, 30 year, Tulungrejo Village residents, Glenmore Kecamatan District, Banyuwangi.

Glenmore Police Chief AKP Basori Alwi stated, The arrest of this woman was carried out on Sunday, 27 February 2022. around 07.00 WIB, Glemore Police officers received reports from the public regarding the presence of suspicious women.

"Then we coordinated with the local RT head to check the information.",explained Basori Alwi, Monday, 28 February 2022.

The officer and the head of the RT then entered the house. The officer then opened the room door. At that time, It was known that DRI was consuming methamphetamine using a bong.

The officer then conducted a search and found a number of evidences that corroborate the alleged crime committed by DRI. Evidence that was secured included a small glass tube suspected of containing methamphetamine, One plastic clip is suspected to contain methamphetamine, a bong from a bottle of Pocari Sweat drink, a straw and two matches each red and blue.

"Then we took the person concerned to the Glenmore Police for inspection.",he explained.

From the results of the examination, The suspect, who previously migrated to Kalimantan, was used to consuming methamphetamine. This woman admitted that she used to consume illicit goods with her ex-husband.

For his actions, This woman is charged with Article 112 verse (1) and or Article 127 Law No 35 year 2009 about Narcotics. After the initial inspection, this matter was then transferred to Polresta Banyuwangi.

"We will delegate the handling of the case to the Banyuwangi Police Narcotics Unit.","concluded the police who had served as head of the Banyuwangi Police Sabhara.

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