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Get to know Glenmore, Districts at the Eastern End of Java Island that are like Europe

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PURWOKERTO.SUARA.COM – The East Java region which has a long history is not only Pasuruan. In the eastern tip of Java, Banyuwangi district also has the same thing.

Bumi Blambangan, which is now known as Banyuwangi Regency, also has a long record. Not only during the royal period but also during the colonial period when the Dutch occupied Indonesia.

One of these legacies is Glenmore Banyuwangi District, When you first hear the name Glenmore, you will definitely feel unfamiliar with the name and mention of this area.

Understandably, someone who has just heard the name of this area will not be familiar with the pronunciation accent of this place. This is what makes many newcomers interested in finding out more about the origins and history of the name of this sub-district.

Because as a Javanese person who likes watching European leagues when he grows up, Glenmore's writing seems familiar to some football fans on the blue continent.