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Getting to Know the Conquest Ritual, Tradition of Expelling Pagebluk Banyuwangi People

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The Pelkudukan ritual is carried out by the Using Banyuwangi tribe by burning wood in the yard. Photo :

COVID-19 victims in Banyuwangi continue to fall. The corona virus outbreak is considered a 'plague', because it has taken many lives.

To drive away the plague, Using community (native tribe of Banyuwangi) perform the 'Pelkudukan' ritual by burning wood in the yard at night.

The light of the fire from the firewood was seen burning brightly along the rural road in the middle of the LPJU blackout during the PPKM Emergency.

This tradition is believed by the community to reject 'balak' so as to avoid catastrophe. Including one of the 'pagebluk' COVID-19.

According to Slamet Supriyadi, Boyolangu village community leaders, Giri . District, the Pelkudukan tradition is the same as the Daleman tradition which was often carried out by the Javanese in the past.

The wood is burned at sunset and left alone until it dies by itself the next day.

“In the past, pagebluk could disappear with this pacification method.

We try together, in addition to the implementation of the prokes, we also try the tradition that used to exist,said Slamet.

Slamet acknowledged, Nowadays it is very rare to find the pelkudukan tradition because it has been eroded by modernization.

However, there is the COVID-19 pandemic, reminding people of this almost extinct tradition.

Now the people of Boyolangu are embracing a tradition that was previously carried out.

In addition to expelling the plague, This tradition simultaneously preserves the cultural heritage of the ancestors.

"Not only burning wood, but also accompanied by a prayer for the owner of the house. Prayers for us to be safe from all kinds of dangers including the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is at the same time to preserve the cultural heritage of the ancestors of the past which is almost lost,” he added.

In the Home Yard There Is Always a Huddle

The Using community in Licin District also did the same thing.

Almost in every resident's yard, you can find the tradition of pelkudukan at nightfall.

“This tradition is starting again, Since the number of deaths has increased, especially in Licin Village.

Two to four people die a day,said the locals, Muhammad Sholeh.

“When I was little, this tradition was often carried out when there was a pandemic.

At that time many people died. There are people who dig the grave in the morning, in the evening he died. At that time he said Cholera disease,the story.

According to Sholeh, This pelkudukan tradition is not just limited to burning wood in the yard.

But more important than that, is to pray to the Almighty at midnight.

"So burning wood is like a friend so you don't get sleepy. Later over the clock 12, perform the night prayer asking Gusti Allah so that this epidemic will be repealed immediately.

Because the most efficacious time to pray is a third of the night,” he added.

Traditions and prayers push this log, Sholeh said, of course it must be accompanied by strictly maintaining health protocols.

Can't just do one of them, but must go hand in hand.

"Prayer without wrong effort. Also vice versa, effort without prayer is also wrong.

So both must be done. While maintaining the health protocol, it must also be accompanied by prayer to the Almighty,” he added. (message/hand)

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