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The Mystery of the Banyuwangi Santet Shaman Massacre 1998 Banyuwangi Santet Shaman Massacre or Banyuwangi Massacre 1998, is a bloody event that never happened in the history of Indonesia.

The Banyuwangi Santet Shaman Massacre took place from February to September 1998, has killed hundreds of people.

The Banyuwangi Witchcraft Shaman Massacre is one of the cases of gross human rights violations in Indonesia that has not been resolved to date.

Even though decades have passed, it is not yet known with certainty who the motive and mastermind behind the bloody events are also known as Banyuwangi Santet Geger this.

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Banyuwangi Massacre Event 1998 started with collecting data on shamans or people who still have magical powers by Purnomo Sidik, regent of Banyuwangi at that time.

Purnomo Sidik sent radiograms to all levels of government officials from sub-district heads to village heads to record people who were considered witchcraft healers..

The radiogram was issued by the regent on 6 February 1998.

actually, This data collection was carried out to provide protection to people suspected of being witch doctors in Banyuwangi.

However, what happened was just the opposite. The radiogram contains data on suspected shamans, leaked and accepted by a group of people.

Finally, the data actually gives information to certain groups to carry out sweeps, violence, and the mass killing of suspected witch doctors in Banyuwangi.

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