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Middle school student in Glenmore falls on her stomach from the third floor of her school

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Victims in the Emergency Room at the Panjang Village Health Center

BANYUWANGI – Asfilatul Ferdianti, Glenmore Islamic Junior High School which is located in the village of Sepanjang, Glenmore District, Banyuwangi Regency, fell from the third floor of the school building, Tuesday (21/11) around 10.15 WIB.

“During recess, seen the victim alone on the third floor of the school building, at the same time suddenly the victim slipped and then fell down in a prone position and didn't get up again,"explained the eye witness who did not want to be named, Wednesday (22/11).

This incident was confirmed by the Babinsa of Karangharjo Village, a member of the Glenmore Military Command, Serda Bahrun Rumaf. The victim is suspected to be suffering from depression.

"It's true that there has been a student falling from the top of the third floor of the school building, It is known that his name is Asfilatul Ferdianti, it is suspected that he was depressed and fell in a prone position," he said.

as a result, The victim, who was rushed to the ER at the Panjang Village Health Center, suffered a broken neck, torn mouth, broken tooth, left eye sore and swollen as well as broken right ankle.

"Furthermore, the victim will be referred to the hospital. Bhakti Husada Krikilan,"added babinsa who is familiarly called Bahrun.

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