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Middle School Student Killed

TERRIFYING: Officers examined Eka Yuliawati's body at Gentang Regional Hospital yesterday (23/4).
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TERRIFYING: Officers examined Eka Yuliawati's body at Gentang Regional Hospital yesterday (23/4).

Body Found in Rice Field, Gaping Neck Wound

IMAGE – Eka Yuliawati, 17, girl who lives in Krajan Hamlet, Yosomulyo Village, Gambiran District, Banyuwangi, was found tragically dead last Sunday night (22/4). When found, There was an open wound on the neck of a class VIII student at a private junior high school in Purwoharjo District.

Strong conjecture, The girl is a murder victim. When found, there is a gaping wound on the back of the left side of the neck. The wound was thought to have been caused by a sharp weapon (fair). The information gathered by the journalists of this newspaper stated, The victim's body was first discovered at around 1:00 p.m 20.00 in the rice fields of Krajan Hamlet 1, Gambiran Village/District.

The body was found by Giman, a duck herder. Giman was in the rice fields to watch over his ducks, which he had deliberately housed in a hut not far from where the victim was found. When I saw a corpse covered in blood, Giman immediately informed local residents. Instantly the horrendous news spread throughout Gambiran Village.

Not long after, the police came to the scene of the incident (crime scene) and immediately do research. Accidental, Giman still has a kinship with Eka, so that the police have no difficulty revealing the identity of the victim. Confirmed yesterday (23/4), Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, Gambiran Police, Ipda Bagio, confirmed the news of the discovery of the body of a teenager suspected of being a murder victim.

However, Bagio seemed careful in giving information to journalists. "To date (yesterday) The case is still under investigation (research, Red)," he said. Until this news was written last night, Police are still searching for someone suspected of being involved in the incident that shocked residents. "Right, it already exists (parties) which we suspected and still picked up.

The motive for the murder is still unclear,” emphasized Bagio. Meanwhile, The victim was immediately evacuated to the Regional General Hospital (hospital) Roof tiles for autopsy. Watch this newspaper reporter, apart from a gaping wound on the back of his neck, The victim's back was also injured. According to one of the victim's school colleagues, For the last month or so, Eka hasn't been to school.

Short message (SMS) which he last received from the victim several days ago said, that the victim was diagnosed with liver disease by the doctor. “In the SMS, Eka also said that it seemed like he only had a few days to live,"said the source. (radar)

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